Tuesday 30 March 2010

UK Handmade Spring Edition

The Spring edition of UK Handmade is now available. For someone like me who likes to try all sorts crafts it's a fantastic and inspirational read. 

This months makes include some beautiful mini Easter cakes - which I'm going to have to attempt. Not sure mine will look quite as gorgeous. 

There are finds, reviews, and scene articles - a fab way of finding out what's going on in the handmade world. Plus some great business tips (this month how to promote your online business...handy!) and as ever some interviews with inspirational makers and artisans. 

This month I even joined in, and put together an article on Poppy Treffrey, and how she grew her business from a tiny one woman and a sewing machine, to her latest book deal.

It's all well worth a read!

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