Friday 12 March 2010

Folksy Friday - The Buddist Musician

Yay another Folksy Friday. 
This week I've been talking to Sarah aka the Buddhist Musician. Always a lovely helpful person in the forums, and her shop is fab. I wanted to feature Sarah's stuff because I love her origami stars. 
They are really different and unusual.

So I asked Sarah to fill me in, on how she got started with it all...

"I've been making jewellery for about 5 years on and off.  I started experimenting with origami stars last year and now make a range of jewellery items using them.  As well as using traditional chiyogami paper I also like to print my own designs for the stars.

Last year I started to crochet and got very interested in amigurumi.  
I am now making Daruma dolls and am designing a Maneki Neko (a lucky cat) and a Buddha amigurumi.  

I've been selling on Folksy for just over a year now.  I've also been writing a blog at the same time.  It features recipes, what I've been making, stories about my two dogs and other crafty bloggers.

My work space is the sofa!  As you can see from the photo it is sometimes occupied by the four legged residents.  It seems a shame to move them sometimes so I end up sitting on the floor."
Thanks Sarah for letting me know a bit more about you, and see where you work! 

I love seeing the people behind the shops, and where they do their making.


  1. Really like Sarah's magic star jewellery - glad I'm not the only one who does a lot of sofa based crafting! x

  2. A nice spin on the Folksy Friday thing to do an interview, lovely read!

  3. Yeah linziloop..i agree...nice to have an interview on a folksy friday, i also love getting to know the person behind the shop, great post x

  4. I tried to make a few of those magic stars, they're so fiddly - I have great respect for your patience!

  5. Fab stars and lovely read - so nice to find out about other people who are selling on Folksy.

  6. Sarah recently made an origami star bracelet and earring set for me. They are gorgeous and everyone comments on them. The star earrings were a great hit at art club this week!
    Sarah also made the bracelet with tiny bells on, so that when its twilight, my dog (who's 12) can hear where I am!
    Can't praise her highly enough, she's so helpful!

  7. oh and you have such a nice blog, I've become a follower!

  8. What a great interview! I always get so inspired ready how other people started and work.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  9. Sarah is such a lovely talanted person. Her work is amazing, and she makes the best curry mixes too!! My friend is still taking about her curry.
    The sofa is the best crafty place in the world! Where you can craft and snuggle puppies!

  10. I think it's great to see the crafty people behind folksy, and I love Sarah's stars (- those currys sound fab!! yum)


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