Tuesday 9 March 2010


I'm really excited that I finally got around to making some stud earrings (or ear posts - call them what you will). 

I find them so much easier to wear than dangly earrings for everyday - I got scared of wearing any earrings when the girls were tiny, and Eve who is 2 still likes to fiddle with my ears when we're having a cuddle so dangles are generally still out for me.

(These black onyx and sterling silver ones are in the etsy shop now)

They're fun to make, especially conisdering my current soldering obsession. I'll definitely be making some more. Maybe some more irregular shaped ones, and different styles of bezel wire in the future.



Going to load these moonstone beauties up later! I love moonstone.

So what's the verdict - do you like studs or dangles?


  1. These are very pretty. I only wear studs and would wear both of these, the moonstone ones are my favourite though :)

  2. Having 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other I wear both danglies and studs! though I tend ti change the danglies as their not great for sleeping in!! I too like the moonstone ones :) very pretty and innocent looking x

  3. Thanks Mia - I defintely need to get more moonstone, just love the glow it has. Yep that's the other thing I'm a low maintenance kind of girl and can't be bothered taking earrings out to sleep.

  4. I only wear danglies when i'm on a night out, which doesn't happen often these days...with having kids and running around playing with them, trampolining etc i find studs are more practical...my glamorous days are gone...for now anyway, marice x

  5. ah but studs can be glamourous too surely? but yep, I'm with you all the way on the practicality side of things


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