Thursday 11 March 2010

Playing around with my camera - 2

Sorry to those folks not obsessed with talking photos of small shiny objects, BUT....

following on from my earlier post about playing with my camera. My next experiment was to change the white balance (WB) settings.This is one of the top tips I'd come across in the forums.

So with the lightbox out and the exposure upped slightly, I looped through all the WB settings.. and here goes:

Sunshine setting - (above)

Auto WB setting

inside light setting (cripes!)



Personal setting

I think I like the personal one best,(but still not bright enough). To set the personal option I just had to point the camera at the white card, click set, and it figured it out for me.


 Anyway the matt black agate on sterling silver almond earwires are in the shop now...(click on the pic)!

I'm sure everyone else knows this  camera stuff already, and I'm really sorry to bore people who don't have there own shop, and will never need to take pics of their handmade jewellery....but it's been a useful lesson for me!


1 comment:

  1. That's a lovely photo with the cup and sunflower, nice and bright :D


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