Thursday 24 September 2009

Autumn IS the best of the seasons.

Autumn IS the best of the seasons. What's not to love?

Definitely my favourite time of year.
1) I get to wear and maybe buy lovely tights, boots, winter coats, scarves, hats,..etc
2) Warm days, chilly nights to stay in cosy by the woodburner
3) New projects - just that back to school feeling which has stuck with me ever since (not saying how long ago I was at school). Redbird was started properly in Sept.
4) Looking ahead to Christmas - AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the excitement.
5) The colours. The beautiful, beautiful colours. Maybe it's because I'm a red head. Just feels like it's my time.

Anyway, to celebrate Autumn I've made a few new pieces for the shop.

Monday 21 September 2009

Pebble stacking

I saw some great pebble stacks when we last went to the seaside (down Brighton way).

I completely forgot my camera, as per usual, but found some brilliant pics on flickr - can you believe there is a pebble balancing group on there!?!? Fanstastic.

This one is by "so unhappily satisfied" you can find her photos here. 

Anyway,  I really like the balance of these simple stacks, so I decided to make a few pairs of earrings....


I've done a few with different stones, and they're up on the etsy and folksy stores. I have to say I love them. I chose to make an almond shaped ear wire with these, to keep the clean, simple look. 
Hmmm... some may say they're too simple. So, ok they're weren't hugely complicated to make, but do they have to be? I love them, just as they are. 

Let me know what you think..... 

Wednesday 2 September 2009


Okay, so it's only got one item in it so far, but at least it's open!

My first item is a lovely chain maille necklace. I love that chain maille can be so damn girlie.

Here it is.....

I'm really hoping that I'll get a bit speedier at loading the items up, or there could be limited stock in there for a while!

Go and have a look..... and please heart me while you're there. I could use some etsy love!
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