Thursday 24 September 2009

Autumn IS the best of the seasons.

Autumn IS the best of the seasons. What's not to love?

Definitely my favourite time of year.
1) I get to wear and maybe buy lovely tights, boots, winter coats, scarves, hats,..etc
2) Warm days, chilly nights to stay in cosy by the woodburner
3) New projects - just that back to school feeling which has stuck with me ever since (not saying how long ago I was at school). Redbird was started properly in Sept.
4) Looking ahead to Christmas - AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the excitement.
5) The colours. The beautiful, beautiful colours. Maybe it's because I'm a red head. Just feels like it's my time.

Anyway, to celebrate Autumn I've made a few new pieces for the shop.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, a like-minded person. Can't wait for it to be cool enough to dig out my woolies and my boots. And Xmas can't come soon enough ;)


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