Tuesday 23 July 2013

All the fun of the fair...

It's that time of year again, last weekend was our village fair. 

This year the weather was perfect. The weekend starts off with an afternoon of funfair rides and stalls. 

Littlest had a dance show to perform, I wish I could put a piccie up of her Ms Hannigan in "It's a hard knock life" from Annie - so funny. And eldest was helping out on the Brownie tombola (so grown up!).

To celebrate the imminent royal baby there was babygro bunting all around the green, which looked amazing. All the babygros are going off to charity this week.

But most fun (for me anyway) happens in the evening the whole village turns up for a mass picnic, with bands, bagpipes, and a cheesy disco for entertainment. Lots of embarrassing mum dancing on my part. 

Sadly this year the ground was too dry for the firework display. But by 10pm, we were ready to go home anyway, and the kiddos certainly were. Cue tears and cries of "But I'm NOT tired!". Hmmm really?

Sunday = the fun dog show. Kipper was entered for waggiest tail, best young handler, and bonniest dog. We didn't get a rosette, (and how could this pup not win bonniest dog - we was robbed I tell you!) but it was definitely a giggle. A quick go on the swing ride, and that was enough for us - home for a barbecue, paddling pool fun, and a DVD. 

What a fun packed weekend but I was glad when Monday arrived so I could have some much needed recovery time, and luxuriate in the last 2.5 days before school's out.

Friday 19 July 2013

Fave tools.... my third hand

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One of my all time favourite tools apart from my tumbler.... is my third hand.

The problem with soldering is that in my left hand I hold my torch, in my right hand I generally have tweezers holding solder wire, or a solder pick ready to assist the solder in going where I want it to go, and then I still need to hold in place the bit of silver I'm soldering (often an earwire or something which needs to be in just the right place). 

That's where my handy little third hand comes in. This special pair of tweezers in a on a ball joint in a stand. 

I just wish I really did have another hand, or even another pair of hands. That'd make life a bit easier for everything, not just soldering - even if finding tops to fit would be tricky.

Thursday 11 July 2013

That golden glow

A week or two ago I was asked to make a custom jewellery set of earrings and pendant necklace as a birthday present for a lady who had lost much of her own jewellery in floods, and the subsequent house moves while refurbishment took place.

I love (and I mean LOVE) making special one off pieces, and especially when you know a little about the background. However, in this case the customer particularly wanted a gold set, which I have to admit, did make me feel a little anxious.

As you probably know, I usually work in sterling silver, or copper. I do love the look of gold, and have been wondering about offering a gold option of certain items, but gold is just so costly! I mean, really expensive. I just can't afford to have it sitting in my stock cupboard at the moment.

Gold is similar to silver to work with, and so although I don't use gold as often as silver there was nothing particularly different in terms of work. But I was so nervous about wasting even a millimeter of the precious wire.

But oh my, isn't it pretty...

The gold is 9k and the stones are a delicate pale green amethyst. The gems are micro facetted, meaning it has many, many little surfaces to catch, reflect and bounce the light all around making them super sparkly.

I do love this combination of gold and green. What do you think?

You can see some other handmade green amethyst jewellery  in my becky pearce designs shop.

And whilst I can't offer 9k or 18k gold ready to go in the shops at the moment I do offer custom pieces on request. Just get in touch with me at becky@beckypearcedesigns.co.uk to discuss.

Ooooh and do keep an eye out for some gold alternatives popping up in the near future!
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