Friday 28 June 2013

* Blushes*

I think I'm going a bit girlie. 

My favourite colour up until recently has always been a bold, bright red. And I thought I wasn't alone there.  I'm convinced I had heard or read something stating that red was the most popular colour amongst women, but a quick google told me otherwise... apparently it's blue. Same as the fellas. 

Scarlet red glass and sterling silver handcrafted earrings

Whilst hunting around for this mystical piece of research I'd once read, I did find out that  women see red differently to men. Where she sees crimson, burgundy, and tomato. He sees red. Just plain ol' red. Apparently the reason men can't see the many variations, is something to do with the X chromosome-and women have two X chromosomes, blah blah (sorry, can you tell I did a psychology degree?). 

Chalcedony and rose quartz earrings
But anyway the point I was getting to is that I'm not finding red so appealing anymore. In fact, whilst I still do like it...(lots) (especially those velvet crimson red beads up there)  I think I'm being swayed to the dark side... or is it the light side ... well, you know erm, the pink side. 

Up until now I've never been a big fan of pink; probably because of it's gender associations. I'm even part of the Pink Stinks group on facebook. And having two girls made me even less inclined to it. Luckily my two have never had that pink thing. You know, where they have to have the pink cup. Or have to dress head to toe in a symphony of pinks. Bleugh. Shopping for girls clothes and toys has always got my back up... why does it all have to be bloomin pink?!

But, these days I'm being gently swayed towards it. 

Waterfall bead earrings

Maybe it's because I keep coming across all these lovely (and I mean really lovely) beads.
Maybe it's because these days I'm thinking about jewellery colours that look good on me (and other people) rather than just my favourite hues.
Maybe it's a fashion thing.
Maybe it's just because....

Pretty pink crystal earrings
But I've noticed pinks creeping into my designs more and more. 

Stacking rings - lavender and pink

I'm thinking it could be a summer thing, and I'll be back onto the rich reds and purples again when winter comes round again, but for now I'm in the pink.

In the interests of research I would be really interested to know what your favourite colour is... please leave a comment below if you have a minute. 

Saturday 22 June 2013

Midsummer you say...

.. could've bloomin well fooled me!

(from Crash Taylor Photographer)

It certainly doesn't feel like it weather-wise, as I write is pouring down and blowing a gale outside. But I must admit I am feeling that mix of panic and excitement about the impending summer holidays, which happens this time each year.

The girls could certainly do with some time off school (why do they get SO tired?) and I have a huge amount of stuff I want to get done over the holidays. Sorting and clearing out toys, the girls clothes, all that stuff that I would probably get done a lot quicker without the help of two unwilling assistants; but lets face it, when they're not around I'd much prefer to be making jewellery!

I truly love spending time with my kiddos, and it will also be very nice not to dash out on the school run every day. But, (and this is a big, huge BUT) the mild panic happens when I try to figure out when I'll be able to work on my jewellery. In the summer holidays the sales tend to slow down anyway, but I still dream of new designs every night. I still want to refresh my stock, snap new pictures, blog, tweet, facebook, list, and most importantly MAKE.
at the moment I'm dreaming of vintage glass quite a lot!!

So, for the next few weeks, while school is still on, I'm going to work my little socks off, to try to get ahead of myself. To get those ideas that are swirling around in my head, onto my bench. I can list in the evening while the kids are asleep - but I'm not going to be able to hammer metal!

And then, I'll be able to slow a bit for the summer holidays, take a bit of time out to assess, and plan out that other thing that brings panic and excitment in equal measure.... (christmas)
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