Saturday 27 March 2010

My new addiction

It was my birthday at the beginining of March, and one of my birthday pressies from my lovely hubbie was an silver clay course.

Lovely, you might think. Thoughtful. But no, it's very very dangerous.

I have a tendency to get a bit addicted to new crafty things, and was a bit worried about starting with silver clay and I was sooooooo right to be worried. 

My tutor was Paula who runs her courses near Haywards Heath, so not too far away from me. I definitely had worskhop envy - her place is brilliant. Take a look at her website:

The day was 10 to 6, and I learned lots and had lots of time to practise using lots of her 100s of different cutters, moulds and texture mats. 

Here are some of my makes. I've made the leaf shapes into stud earrings now, and the butterfly is on a chain. 

Had a really lovely day, it's amazing what you can do with this magic stuff  I'm itching to make more...but just waiting for my PMC3 delivery to arrive. Expect to see stuff in the shops soon....


  1. Sooooo jealous!!! My parents bought me some pmc3 for my birthday and a mat and badger balm but am to scared to open it. Keep looking at courses, maybe after easter i'll give it a go. . .
    Lovely items you made. x

  2. Christals - i was a bit worried too, but it's incredble - go and have a play - what have you got to lose.

  3. those pieces are fantastic!! isn't metal clay amazing?? I only recently discovered it as well and was thinking "where have I been all this time?" Have fun when your shipment arrives! :)

  4. Wow, they're lovely. Fantastic for first pieces!

    I've wanted to use metal clay for such a long time but have been staying away from it as I think it would be too dangerous.
    Only, now my Mum has started using it and has all the tools, some books and lots of clay for silver and copper and she keeps telling me to use it too. Eeeek.

    Temptation too too strong, I'm going to give in, I just know it. Then I'll be hooked.

    Well done with your pieces though, they are really lovely.

    Love Kitty xXx

  5. Lovely pieces, especially like the tree. Look forward to seeing more creations.

  6. I recently discovered a jewellery school in my home town that does PMC classes and I'm so tempted!
    Your pieces look great :D

  7. Really love the flower. Although I'm not a 'jewellery person', I've always wanted to give this a try!

  8. Thanks everyone! Glad you like them. My pack of PMC has no arrived and I'm going to have a go this evening.... I think I like the leaves best.

    Tracy - I remember you mentioning that jewellery school before - must be very nice (and a bit dangerous) having something so near.

  9. It is! Unfortunately the classes clash with work at the mo :(
    About jewellery tumblers - I'm really happy with my Lortone one. They are quite expensive (£90+) but it's really easy to use and I like the fact it has a screw lid. Plus it saves all that laborious polishing and black fingers! I got mine from Palmer Metals.
    Tracy x

  10. These are fabulous and I loved the leaf earrings you were wearing the other day. Can't wait to see what other beauties you create.
    Kristin :)


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