Friday 2 April 2010

Folksy Friday

This weeks Folksy Friday is a pick of the listing club entries.... if you haven't heard about this yet, I thought given my pile of stuff that I never get around to listing, that I'd see if anyone else on Folksy and Etsy fancied joining me in a listing challenge - namely 1 item a day for the whole of April.

I thought maybe 1 or 2 people would like to join in, but the response has been brilliant. Loads of people are now attempting to list 1 item every day for a month - I know I'm making it sounds like a big deal, like some kind of everest climb or something, but the fact is it does take a while to list something, and time is something I don't have much of.

Anyway - here are just a few of the April on the picks to check out these folksy fool's shops.

100% delicate Card Making Princess
Gimme That Thing Pants And Paper
Pip Designs Chiyo

And a huge thanks to Haptree for the brilliant tutorial on how to put these mini treasuries together!


  1. Lovely picks, and the listing club is a great idea ... Not sure if I'm going to manage to keep up with a listing a day, but will certainly try!!

  2. Cool idea! Those wall flowers are really lovely. x

  3. I love the flowery wreath too,

  4. Lovely items, must go and list my day two!
    Happy Easter.

  5. You can do it!! The felt flower wreath is greatxx

  6. Thanks for including my Crimson Teardrop Earrings. Here we go for day 2, Good luck everyone.

  7. Lovely picks! Well done you lot doing an item a day!! Whew...I need to lie down just thinking about it ;-)

  8. with red being my fav colour the earings are my fav! good luck with your challenge! look forward to seeing everyones entries :0)


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