Friday 30 April 2010

April Round Up

I feel the need to do a little round up of April.
What a month!
In the past thirty days I have:

  • listed an item a day on my etsy shop 
  • listed an item a day on my folksy shop
  • had a table at a craft fair
  • attended a weekend long course in fingerprint and image jewellery
  • become a registered childminder 
  • got a childminding portfolio, and legal documents together and taken on my first 2 mindees
  • spent a weekend trying to find a way for my Volcano stranded dad to get home from Spain
  • and entertained both kids for the first 3 weeks while  my 5yo enjoyed the super long easter holidays from school
What I haven't done is blogged very much.


At the end of March I somewhat foolishly started a thread on Etsy and folksy to ask if anyone fancied joining me in listing an item a day. Bit of an impulse thread start to be honest, and I didn't expect more than 1 or 2 maybes that would drift away, but the listing clubs were formed. And what a lovely bunch of people I met.

The listing an item a day may not seem like that much effort to the uninitiated, but believe me it was a slog by the end of the month. Making the piece is the easy bit (or at least the most fun), then after doing a sun dance in the garden (which incidentally seemed to pay off most days - phew) there are the photos to prepare, take, edit, resize, the tags to identify, the wording to write.  I think I, and the others who joined me in my little challenge, deserve a medal - though to be fair, I'd be happy with a few more sales, and that is just what I got.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself. I'm going to see if I can figure out whether it has helped me and the others, and will blog about the results of the listing club for both etsy and folksy very soon.....


  1. Nice post...crikey you've been busy this month!

  2. A item a day. Wow that's impressive. I can't even get it together to open up an etsy shop and list one item!

  3. Well done for doing everything you've done this month PLUS listing an item a day! Super Woman or what!

  4. I am glad we made it to the end. You did have a busy month! Congrats on becoming a child minder.

  5. Wow, what a busy month you've had! Well done on all your achievements, you've done incredibly well to keep all those plates spinning

  6. Well done you!
    Thats a lot in a month.

    Glad it's all working out for you.

    Christals Creations. :o)

  7. hee hee thanks! Has been a brilliant month - May will be quieter but have big plans for June!!!


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