Saturday 10 March 2012

The state that we are in

This time of year is notoriously slow on Folksy and Etsy compared to the rest of the year, and so it's been quite good timing to be doing our building work now, when things aren't manic. Can you imagine if it was just before Christmas....aaaaggh doesn't bear thinking about.

I was thinking I'd be spending my spare time in February sorting out my stock, getting my new standalone jewellery shop up and running and getting my marketing sorted. Hmmmm. No. I'm not sure what I've been doing with all my time, but it doesn't seem to be any of those things!
(my new work-room)

The building work is finally nearing completion. It's really just last fix stuff now. We still have no kitchen to speak of, we can't get the sink or hob in as we're waiting for the worktop to be sorted but we do have a working oven at last...hurrah... and a washing machine. It's sad just how excited I was about putting a load of washing on yesterday. And it is actually starting to seem quite decadent to have a separate room devoted to the storage and preparation of food. I've kind of got used to washing up in a bucket in the bath. And having the fridge and freezer, and bin in the hall way is pretty handy, if not particularly nice to look at.

Anyway I'll bore you with more before and after pictures when it's finished in a couple of weeks, and give you a tour of my long awaited work space, in which I shall be neat, efficient and everso organised. Honest.

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