Friday 2 March 2012

Birthday finds....

Some lovely bits and bobs from around the interweb that i would LOVE for my birthday.....

Vintage test tube holder from Concept Furnishings on Etsy. Not planning on doing many experiments, but perfect for keeping my saw blades in order!

3 antique french apothecary bottles - yummy - from French Melody on Etsy. No idea what I'd use these for - they just look pretty.

And just think how organised my new room could be with this..
(from elemental)

or this Doctors Cabinet from The Holding Company..(sorry can't grab the image for some reason!).

or ....(swoons)...these from the Portobello Road market

So I love storage...who knew!


  1. All gorgeous, I love vintage storage too, anything that looks it could have been used in an apothecary or Victorian train station!

    Just found your lovely blog here and look forward to following.

  2. ohh lovely finds there! It is my Birthday in March too , Happy birthday for whenever it is :-) x

  3. Thanks Belinda - i know, I would love a huge wall of apothecary drawers, or those vintage haberdashery shop cupboards.... I have a new workspace to furnish so you never know if I can find one at the right price... (which I won't!)

    Thanks Zoe - aha your an aquamarine stone too then... you might like my next post!


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