Tuesday 13 March 2012

Birthday goodness

I never did get around to showing you my lovely birthday gifts.... so here are some of them...

(I love daffs!)

(and orchids....ahhh how beautiful are they?)

How gorgeous are these dinky teeny vases....so beautiful, and crying out for some blossom, or teeny buds - but not until they are in my new room dagnammit.

On a vase theme, a do love a nice vase +  I do love Rob Ryan's stuff = perfect pressie for me!

Have you seen "My Neighbour Totoro", produced by Studio Ghibli? It's a japanese animation, and one of my all time fave films. The girls love it too. So this totoro key chain, which now hangs on my bag is an extra special pressie for me. It reminds me of cosy Sunday afternoons, watching a dvd with the girls while the rain pelts the house. And how can you not smile back at totoro?

Hubbie and I have been in discussion about getting a dog. I had a black lab when I was growing up, and I'd love another.  R said he could probably be convinced about a dog "if we can find one that doesn't moult, or smell". Hmmmmm..... in the meantime he bought me this cute little black lab... made of soap and which smells of rosewood and bergamot!

And I also bought myself a little pressie....

Kheeeeeeeeeeeeeee new tools.

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