Sunday 30 January 2011

Colour Palette - Bright and Shiny Earrings

I've just found a fab colour palette template from the brandi girl blog.

It's in Photoshop Elements, so I've downloaded the trial and am having a play around with it, to see if it will do better for my pictures than Picassa (which is free and nice and easy).

But whether it can or not, the fact that I can easily (with the help of the template!) make these cool little colour palettes is a definite plus.

Do you use photoshop? Does it get any easier??


  1. I have never tried it. . .

    Fiona @ Christas Creations

  2. You have made a perfect stand for jewelry. It gives a amazing look. Those stand will be a very comfortable suit for my jewelry. Where can i get this stand? Hope you do more stuffs.. Great!!!


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