Monday 17 January 2011

Copper treats

Thanks to the HUGE price rise in silver recently, I'm slowly but surely increasing the amount of copper I have in the shop. I love copper. I wonder if it's because I'm a red head?

Some of the recent listings include:

Little dome studs, I kept the first pair I made just for me because I love these!

and this hammered copper bangle - which shimmers with different colours.

And this geometric necklace in hammered copper.

I've also got a pair of leaf stud earrings, with a rich patina to be uploaded soon!


  1. I'm nervous about using copper as I find my skin goes green when I wear it. do you think others have this problem?

  2. I love your designs, they really lend themselves to copper!

  3. Hiya Fiona - yes I know some people have this problem, I think it's some kind of chemical reaction with the skin, but doesn't happen to everyone. I've tried using a protective wax on some designs, but I've heard they're not hugely effective! I did read somewhere that it was something to do with the copper/mineral levels in your blood, but who knows!


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