Wednesday 14 July 2010

Photo background

On a trip this weekend to the local pet shop to buy a goldfish for the girls I finally spotted some grey slate stone in a dark corner to use as a background in my pictures. I've been looking in garden centres and the like for ages!

These are some rather hurried photos I took in the garden this afternoon, without a light box - so please excuse the poor lighting, overshine, and reflection of me and the camera in the shot!

I will re-do the pictures when I have longer than five minutes to spend, but I really needed to get them listed.

I really like the dark grey against the silver - it really makes it stand out, so you can see the all the detail, which I usually find really tricky with my the more subtle silver and crystal jewellery.


  1. Ohh they look good. . .
    I find though white leaves the object as the main focus it can be so stark sometimes.
    My hubby has a huge piece of slate in the garden bet he'd notice if it disappeared into my workspace. . .
    LOL. :o)

  2. I agree, your jewellery does look good against the darker slate background.
    I think we all must be totally obssessed about our photos and backgrounds!

  3. Lovely slate, your silver really stands out here. I was lucky and found a bit on the beach!

  4. Ever searching for something better though - you're right it is a bit of an obsession! But that will do for now.

  5. If only you lived closer, I have a nice largish bit of grey slate we use for a plant stand you could have had - I like your bit though - looks fab with the silver against it. Have you tried diy centre for floor tiles, there are some nice grey slate ones of them around.

  6. yep - but the good ones come in packs and I can't bring myself to spend £20 on it. I should just do it. Am thinking this wind will knock a slate off the roof


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