Saturday 31 July 2010

A new blog?

(Picture by D Sharon Pruitt)

The other day I was thinking about starting another blog. A shiney new blog all about my the non jewellery part of my life.

 I've started making a quilt, and I also want to get a letterpress kit to play with. To be honest I always have some crafty experiement or other on the go, and as we're planning on moving house soon I can imagine these craft exploits becoming more and more frequent as I try to get the new place (when/ if we find it!) cosy and organised.

I also wanted to have a nice new blog about what I get up to with the kids. Trips out, projects we actually get around to completing. Life in general. All the stuff it's so easy to forget as they get older.

But THIS blog, now this blog is just to document my jewellery making adventures; new designs, inspiration, other lovely stuff I've seen along the way.


I have to admit, I get a lot of my inspiration from nature, and the world around me, but it doesn't change each week.

And as I venture more into silversmithing, given my increasingly hectic "real life" things are going to take a bit longer to make. But I definitely want to blog relatively frequently - because whose going to read a blog that gets updated once a month? - I know I don't.

So to cut a long story short,  to stop beating around the bush, to stop prevaricating..... I thought I'd combine it all into one blog. THIS blog can include all of the different bits of my life that I want to blog about. It will still have the same amount of jewellery, but a little more of the other stuff as well.

If you blog, how do you do it? Do you have separate blogs for different things. Am I making a big bloggy mistake?


  1. I love a blog with everything in it! As a buyer, I love to read about the personality behind the product, it makes the purchase much more special. As a maker, I love reading about peoples creative lives, inspirations and how they juggle their busy lives whilst making beautiful things! I honestly don't know how some people do it... house renovations, craft projects, family, baking... quite inspirational!

  2. BTW I have jelly roll envy... I really want to try and make a quilt. I would like some extra hours in the day (like at night when everyone else is asleep!!)

  3. I love blogs that cover more than crafting - it's great to see people's lives in the round, I think!

  4. I have everything all in one blog with labels so people can pick and choose what they want to read! Which reminds me I must tidy those up a bit!

  5. I love it when blogs combine their work and life, you get a real feel for the person :-)

  6. As above. Stick to the one blog. Interesting for the reader and much easier for you too!

    Love the fabric for your quilt. Have you chosen a design yet?

  7. Thanks everyone - I agree I'm going with it.
    Bliss knits, yes I've chosen a really easy one from the Jelly Roll book that the shop owner wrote. I'll dig it out and show you what it's supposed to look like at some point! Still cutting....

  8. Just found this post. I prefer a blog that has a bit of everything. I find blogs solely about what a person makes and just shows what they do a bit boring. I too, like to hear a mixture of things going on. So for me also, have just the one blog.


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