Wednesday 6 January 2010

Yay 2010

Happy New Year to you all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Ours was great, even though my 5 year old had tonsillitis on The Big Day and didn't care if Father Christmas had been or not. Poor little thing!

So lots new for me; my computer well and truly died, so I've got a new one in the sale and it's brilliant; a complete a revelation. So maybe it won't take me half an hour to load stuff onto my folksy shop anymore!!

But the big, big thing in my life is that I have now stopped working. I had been doing 3 days a week, but now I'm home full time and loving it - mind you this is the first week, and today was a snow day. The plan is to spend more time with the kids, to get on with more of the stuff I like to do, to have fun. Hurrah. I'm sure 2010 is going to be a good one. Hope yours is going well so far!

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  1. Thanks Christals.. hopefully I'll be able to update my blog a little bit more regularly.


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