Wednesday 27 January 2010

Playing with fire

My soldering kit arrived last week, and so on Monday, when littlest girl was at pre-school I decided to go for it.

Must admit I was just a little scared of this thing...

And it's only a little one. People use bigger ones on creme brulee. Why did it scare me so much? A few goes of turning it on and off, and I felt lots happier.

And who'd have thought you need so much stuff? I unpacked and unwrapped all my bits and bobs, read the instructions on the pickle, and made some up. Checked out the flux, filled the torch, and then it was......time!!

Oops - with all my excitment I'd (ahem)  forgotten to put any thought into what I would actually be soldering. Silly me!

A few little wire rings formed and filed later, and I was ready to go. I know the join is supposed to be super clean and fitted.

Wow - such fun. I'm addicted. Watching the solder flow was great.


Anyway, hammered and textured the rings and linked them all together and hey presto...

I'm keeping this one for me, but no doubt will be making something similar for the shop soon.

Can't wait to learn more, and get practising. Onwards and upwards. 


  1. Those rings are looking good Becky! Look forward to seeing your new soldered creations on Folksy :D

  2. I know -I really must crack on and get some made for the shops soon! Such good fun!

  3. Your soldering kit looks so lovely and clean. I must post up a picture of my work bench one day. Like the necklace. I'll be back to visit again and adding you to my blogroll. Pop over to me on

  4. I know - it won't be for long... would love to see a pic.

    Have subscribed to your blog - thanks for that!


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