Friday 11 December 2009

Interview with Careford Creations!

I've just done an interview swap with Vic aka Careford Creations  who takes stunning photos. Go and check out the landscape gallery on her website - just gorgeous!!

Anyway, you can see the interview I did for Vic on her blog.

And so....on with the interview..

1) First of all a bit about Vic,

My name’s Victoria White, but Vic is just fine. I’m married with a two-year-old son and another baby due in April. From north London originally, I live in Hertfordshire now. I had loads of jobs before becoming a primary school teacher. I was teaching part-time until the summer, when I gave up work completely. Well, I still work at home... I do some private tutoring and of course, working on my little photography and craft business.

2) How long have you been into photography? How did it all begin?

I got my first camera for my 9th birthday and used up a whole roll of film on the short journey taking my friend home from my party! I haven’t really stopped taking photos since. I’m on my 4th camera now but only went digital at the beginning of this year.

3) What's your greatest (crafting) achievement?

I love the water droplet shots. These were some of the very first photos I took with my macro lens. I also like what I call my ‘glass painted’ photos, like this one of Stanley Sheep. I don’t know anyone else who takes photos like these, so it’s kind of like my little invention and they turn out pretty well too. Basically, they’re macro photographs of a tiny image that I’ve drawn and glass painted. I always get lots of positive comments about these photos. Lastly, they’re not for sale in my Folksy shop, but I must mention two postcards of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament I had printed a few years ago. They’re for sale in central London in any decent tourist shop!

4) Do your photos tend to be spur of the moment, or planned?

That’s an interesting question. Nowadays, they tend to be more planned. I think pre-children I just had more time to go out and about with my camera and see what inspiration struck me, whereas now I need to make the most of the little free time I have, so tend to plan more.

5) Where does your inspiration come from?

Probably travel more than anything. I travelled a fair bit in my twenties and always seemed to make big life decisions while I was away! Travelling does something for my creative side as well; I love to capture new colours, styles, the whole atmosphere. Even when I’m back home I use those memories to create other things.

6) What do you get up to when you're not doing arty and crafty things?

My first passion in life was writing and I still do that. I’ve been writing a children’s book for the past couple of years and I’d love to get it finished. I also wrote a few articles for young people’s magazines and newspapers when I was a teenager and freelance writing’s something I’m just getting back into. I also like the fact I’m still able to keep in touch with my ‘proper’ job as a teacher by doing a little tuition. The rest of my time is spent being a mum and housewife. I hate saying ‘housewife’ but I love making our house all homely. Oh, I like cooking as well. Not that I’m particularly good at it!

7) What are you hoping to get in your christmas stocking this year?

A new camera bag and an infrared filter.

8) Finally, what's next for 2010 for you and Careford Creations?

I want to get creating all those other things that are in my head. I’ve got so many ideas planned for my photos and I’m hoping to get more Fimo things made too. Other than that, it’s just a matter of promoting myself, my work and my website.

And I know you're all dying to know....Vic sits with me on the fence and neither loves nor hates marmite!

Thanks Vic, love your work! Here's my fave on the Folksy shop!


  1. Great interview! I think I can lay claim to the Marmite question! I asked Serena (The Copper Swallow) that very same question in our interview swap & she kept the question to ask me too! :D
    Cinnamon Jewellery

  2. Thanks Becky! Just had Marmite on toast actually! Your favourite pic is a very popular one. I had an artist at a gift fair recently who couldn't say more lovely things about it! Didn't buy it though... And thanks Tracy for reading:)


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