Thursday 10 July 2014

The soundtrack to my morning.

Was feeling a bit tired and sluggish this morning, so I listened to music on my dog walk this morning. I don't usually. And in fact I feel like I haven't listened to music for ages; even in the studio I've got audiobooks on most of the time.

The shuffled soundtrack to my stroll went like this..

There ain't half been some clever bastards (Ian Dury)
Mountain sound (Of Monsters and Men)
The best things in life (Half man half biscuit) (this song has my all time favourite lyric, but you have to wait until 2.27 for it!)
Mania (Throwing Muses) my all time fave song when I'm in a bad mood.
Handsome stranger called death (Foe)
(and then it went onto some stuff from Frozen that I downloaded for the girls and my cheesy running music but will skim over those)

Haven't stopped grinning yet, isn't it amazing how music can change your mood right around.

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