Wednesday 2 July 2014

Challenges for July

Well, it's half way through the year... all my New Year Resolutions are long forgotten. 'Bout time I made some new ones.

First up I saw this Green Smoothie challenge... and thought - yeah why not. I do like a smoothie. And I find all these healthy, beautiful, beaming Americans quite entertaining so I signed up. I wonder if here are any UK based sites like this. I can't imagine I'd be so willing to sign up without the American-ness.


Anyway, day 1 went..... ahem..... a little badly. My food processor wasn't that keen on the frozen spinach I threw in and decided to spit it all out. Really. All over the kitchen. Maybe the lid wasn't on that tight either. Hmmm.

Day two is a lot better though. Today I tried a blueberry concoction that I'm supping as I type which  is very tasty (oh and fresh spinach from the garden this time).

The second of the challenges is to list one new item daily.

Every. Single. Day.


I've signed up to a little listing club on Folksy in order to make myself feel bad if I don't list. Sadly the other "July Lions" are quite a friendly bunch and I doubt they'll tell me off too much. But now at least I don't want to let them down.

It will be very good to get some new stock made and listed before the summer holidays. Because you know what comes around pretty quickly after the summer holidays. And if you don't know I'm SO not telling you, but you can click here to find out if you really have to. (sorry)

I'd love to hear any half year resolutions, or challenges you're doing!

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