Thursday 5 July 2012

Five fantastic blogs you need to check out....

1 - My friend Jo told me about this blog recently. Family life captured daily in fantastic sketches. Brilliant. No really, just brilliant....

2 - Crafty types really should check out Hilary's Craft BlogUK, lots of brilliant information, interspersed with lovely craft by Uk folk.

3 - Much much more than a blog, UK Handmade is a fantastic read... lots of inspiring interviews, tutorials, recipes, a forum, a magazine... if you don't visit, you really, really, should.

4 - I'm not great at sewing, but Made (by dana) is completely inspirational. I've even made some clothes for the girls using her tutorial, and dagnammit they turned out fine! They even wore them!

5 - - A really useful blog, from an ex- jewellery designer who has loads of tips on all sorts of blog related things. I've found her photoshop tips really useful.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting reads - not so sure about the dead jewellery tho, especially the mouse in the little holder. Different for sure!


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