Wednesday 11 July 2012

Jumping Jack

Kids are supposed to be excited about growing veggies right? Well Eve certainly is, but mainly so she can find new friends. Meet "Jumping Jack" her pet you can see she made him (or her) a lovely new home. In the pic you only see the first stage, with the sugar snap pea leaves.... she then picked him some wild strawberries too, and fashioned a lid with air holes! She then put his house in a safe place on the sideboard in the hall. Without. The. Lid. On.

Jumping jack is now somewhere in the house, (possibly in the hoover). Eve is devastated (.....but I loved him, why did he leave....?)

Who'd have thought a veggie patch could produce so much drama.

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweeeeet! You could always tell her Jumping Jack has turned into a beautiful butterfly and flown away.... one of those lovely parental white lies!


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