Friday 18 May 2012

Featured maker - Becki from Poppybead

Another featured maker on the blog today. This time it's Becki from Poppybead. I know lots of you crafty sorts out there do lots of clever things with wool and her lovely stitch markers might just come in handy! 

On that subject, I need to learn to crochet so I can make a baby blanket for a friend by September?? Bearing in mind I was rubbish at knitting I'm not sure whether it will be a competely futile waste of time to even try. What do you think? Any tips? Anyhow, in the meantime over to Becki.....

Tell us a bit about yourself - (where do you live, what's your name etc..)
I live in Birmingham but am originally from London and my name is Becki

What do you make? 
Beaded jewellery & stitch markers.
Why do you use that medium?
I just love how pretty and unique beads can be.
When/ how did you start crafting?
I did an adult education course about 6-7 years ago and just kept beading.  Then started making cards as well as knitting and crochet.
When did you start selling your stuff - where do you sell?
I started selling my stuff at the end of January this year online at  Nearly all my friends and colleagues have had beaded gifts from me and kept saying I should set up a website.
Do you also have a day job, or is this your main job? 
I do have a day job and crafting is at the other end of the spectrum from the day job.
What do you love about your medium, what do you hate?
The variation of beads and colours always keeps me looking for more beads.  Not enough actual bead shops in the West Midlands and getting glue on my fingers.
Where do you get your inspiration from?  
Everywhere, my friends, shops, magazines, strangers with lovely jewellery, nature literally everywhere
What is your favourite music to craft to?
I like to listen all types of music from Beverly Knight to Kings of Leon, but love Motown and soul.

What is your favourite piece of your own?
I have a few favourite pieces but would say my oldest would be a red suede thong necklace and slightly newer would be a turquoise piece that just stands out.
Where do you do your crafting?
 At home, craft evenings, side of a Basketball court (I also officiate basketball games), and I knit on public transport.

Thanks for taking part Becki

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