Wednesday 23 May 2012

Birthstones and other inspiration

Well, so much for me getting lots of lovely handmade birthstone jewellery in my shops each month. I've done pretty well, but I have let May down. The May birthstone - Emerald started off pretty well. I got some gorgeous little stones, all beautiful and deep green. And then messed up completely in trying to set them. Whoops. They aren't the strongest stone, and I was probably a little....ahem over enthusiastic.

Never mind, onwards and upwards.... June is pearl, and I've got a box full of pearl goodies and a brain full of ideas - well half a brain anyway, the other half is trying to deal with all the everyday stuff and failing miserably.

In the meantime, I've been loving the warm weather and was out in the garden yesterday taking pictures.
 I love how this chive flower is bursting out of it's bud. Yippee... sun.

 These Lily of the Valley are such a gorgeous delicate shape. I would love to make some earrings in silver based on these flowers. Might take me a while to figure out how to put it all together though.

 Stunning stunning peonies. Love this splash of colour in our garden. Big flouncy and beautiful!

Ah we have so many forget me nots all over the place. I know people think they're a weed, but I think they're so pretty. I can't bring my self to get rid of them, so now they're everywhere. I love how there are so many teeny flowers clustered together. Definitely gives me some jewellery design ideas.

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  1. Lovely photos - my peonies haven't opened yet - I think they feel it a little too cold at the moment. I love forget-me-nots too - so delicate and pretty.


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