Friday 15 July 2011

Kids, creativity, and biscuits.

I just love watching the way kids are creative. They have no barriers, no self consciousness... they just do. For children, (or for my two anyway) it doesn't need to be "beautiful or useful" as per William Morris' famous quote. It just is. The finished product is great, but most of all it's about the process and fun they have making. The experimentation of the process. The learning of new skills.

I have a lot to learn from this unrestrained creativity. What freedom!

There was a summer show recently in our village; where people can enter produce and flowers they have grown in their garden. There are loads of different categories you can "show" in, and they also have categories for kids. Chloe got involved as all the children under 7 in her school were asked to draw a portrait of their best friend which we could enter into the competition if we wanted to. She wasn't that keen to be involved, but went along with it anyway. Evie asked to be entered in one of the categories too, for the 3 - 5 age group, she had to decorate 3 biscuits.

So, I got some sprinkles, some coloured icing and some rich tea biscuits and away she went.

Nearly an hour later... and she really did spend 55 mins (thats nearly 15 whole minutes on each and every biscuit!!!) perfecting them... the results....

 The icing was oh so carefully placed. The jelly tot delicately (ahem) covered with 2 shades of icing..

 And of course they have to taste good to, so she made a test one too!

She took them so, SO proudly into the village hall, and put it on the display for her category. She was keen to win, but already it had been brilliant to take part. Then there were the 3 nail-biting hours wait whilst the judging got underway! And what do you know.... she won.

The award ceremony was very sweet, she was awarded a whole pound as her prize.

Big sister went up with her for moral support.

 Look at that proud face!

Ever since then Eve has been even more keen to decorate biscuits, make cards, build junk modelling, just MAKE. Her enthusaism has doubled, and her confidence has grown. I know without a doubt that it wasn't the fact that she won, it was that she enjoyed making, enjoyed proudly showing what she had made, and also enjoyed hearing all the lovely and positive comments from people walking by. She would not have cared if she hadn't won, but what a bonus!

But please, nobody tell her that hers was the only entry in her category!!


  1. You have made me smile on a wet day. Thank you.

  2. Bless her little cotton socks! Delia move over!

  3. aahh that is adorable, she may have been the only entry but obviously the very best :-) x


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