Monday 18 July 2011

All the fun of the fair!

The fair was in town this weekend.
Once a year in July it arrives on our village green, admist much excitment. 
The nursery, and reception kids get a walk around to see it being built throughout the week.

Then the weekend arrives (as does the rain), and family and friends.
Stalls, games, a dog show, a rubber duck race down the river.
All of the village with gazebos and picnic blankets sharing an evening picnic.
Local FANTASTIC bands playing on the stage.
A disco playing all the cheesy songs you could ask for to get you dancing....(I will do the cha cha slide perfectly one year)

Kids giggling and playing with the inflatable toys they won on the fair games.
Following the bag pipe man on his march around the green.
A glass of wine (or 3)
Fireworks to mark the end of the night, 
watched from our lawn as the kids head on up to bed 4 hours later than usual.

I do love our village fair weekend.

1 comment:

  1. You DO know the cha cha slide - here's the you tube link - i defy you not to find yourself giving it a try...


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