Friday 25 March 2011

We're in!

That's it, I'm never moving again!

It took a lot longer than expected to get the telephone line and therefore broadband working again, but it's done so I'm back online and raring to go....ish.

The new house is lovely - we're thrilled with it, it's so much better than we thought it was going to be. Isn't it funny how you spend so much money on a house that you only see a few times?

And the garden is beautiful (before I've got my hands on it). It's going to be so much fun seeing what pops up over the year. I've got a feeling it's going to keep me busy though! I think I need to go on a course so I can finally learn what's a weed and what's not as opposed to my usual gardening technique of pulling up anything that's growing too well, because it's obviously a weed.

At the moment we've got some blossom. I think blossom in the spring is such a treat after the dark, grey winter. I'm loving seeing the pink trees all over the place.

And guess what else we've got in the garden.....

....nope, I don't mean the pond... look closer.....

I went out this morning to see about 10 frogs, all gathered around their spawn. I'm such a kid at heart, but I'm soo excited!

Hope you're all well out there, and enjoying the fab spring weather!



  1. wow, looks fab. I love your garden, looks very well eastablished!

  2. Your new home looks absolutely beautiful - not jealous at all........Hope you enjoy living there, but I am sure you will

    xx Chrissy

  3. Welcome to your new home. may you have many happy years there. It looks lovely.

  4. Your new house looks lovely and I'm so envious of your garden (and frogspawn!)

  5. Your new house and garden too lovely. and lots of baby frogs soon by the looks of it.

  6. thanks everyone, we're loving it - the frogspawn is being added to all the time and I'm started to get a bit concerned that we're going to be completely and utterly overun by a plague frogs. anyone want some????

  7. Wow that is one totally gorgeous house and garden! I am *so* jealous. And frogs too, cool! I hopoe you're all settled in now.

  8. You have a lovely new home. I hope you have many years of happiness there!


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