Sunday 21 November 2010

Ice ice baby

All right stop, collaborate and listen....

Sorry sorry sorry couldn't resist. You know you're going to be singing that all day now (or is it just me?)

I've just had some new supplies arrive and they look so gorgeous, I just had to show you...

Crystal chips, nuggets, crackle crystal beads, shiney pearls, and swarovski cubes - I've suddenly come over all wintery (creatively speaking), so look out for some ice gems in the shops soon.


  1. I love it when new beads come, little packets in the post!

  2. [Laughter] Earlier this year I made a pair of earrings that reminded me of ice, and I got that same Vanilla Ice song stuck in my head! Whenever I looked at the earrings or the photographs that I took of them, I couldn't help hearing the chorus.
    Your new beads look gorgeous. I'm inspired just looking at the photographs! Love the crackle beads.

  3. hee hee, love that song.
    Millie D - I know it's like Christmas, I love it.
    Silverlight - very VERY glad it's not just me.

  4. ohh i will deffo be singing that song all day now :-) what fab glittery things, gorgeous!


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