Sunday 7 November 2010

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night - I love it!

I must admit I've never been entirely happy with the burning of an effigy on a bonfire, and it feels a little tricky to explain to the kids too, who felt a bit sorry for him. But I do love a good bonfire night all the same. The chilly night air, with that smell of smoke on the wind. Wrapped up warm with gloves and scarves, and the warmth of the bonfires, and the fantastic fireworks.

Nearly seven years ago we moved to a tiny village on the North Downs in the South of England, and little did we know then how big bonfire night is around here. The roads in and out close at 5.30 and remain shut until after 10pm, 20,000 people descend on the village green, and the display costs £50,000

It all starts in September with "pole up"

Then there are 5 weeks or so of people driving round the village in old blue tractors collecting people's garden cuttings,

Resulting in a pretty big bonfire

What do you mean it doesn't look that big?
That's my dad standing next to Guy in the picture below and he's over 6ft. It's huge!
Poor Guy - he looks a bit worried.... and rightly so.

 (fireworks picture from bonfire pics 2009 as I didn't take my camera!)
The morning after! The fire generally keeps going until Tuesday, with some old sofas always finding their way to the Green so people can sit and chat and toast themselves!

Exhausted children who stayed up well past their bedtime - Eve refused to come out with us this morning unless we got the buggy out.

Last year the bonfire raised £20,000 for local charites. So well done to all those who give up their time to make a difference to their communities.

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