Wednesday 25 August 2010

Late Summer Pallete

One of the  things I love about the end of summer is the colours. The pale golds and pinky browns of the summer plants as they fade; the pale blue of the sky on those still warm  (but not very...) afternoons.

This is a real transition, the palette moves from summers bold, bright and fresh hues, to a more muted collection. The sun still feels warm, but the soft glow of dusk is noticably earlier. This is the week or two before the autumn show arrives with it's deeper reds, browns and ambers.

I am so sad that summer is nearly gone, it's been such fun and has gone way to quickly, but then again...I'm looking forward to cosying up for autumn


  1. I love the colours you've caught there.

  2. thank you both. though today, after posting I realised the main colour around here was grey - will it ever stop raining!?

  3. I love that colour scheme, gorgeous!


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