Sunday 20 June 2010

Surrey Artists Open Studios

Last weekend was the Surrey Artists Open Studios. It's been running years, but I somehow have never quite made it (probably child related issues!).

Anyway, this year I made it to 3 studios:

The first was the Art Matters studio in Redhill which is part of the Richmond Fellowship

"Art Matters exists to provide support, space, materials and an atmosphere for those experiencing mental health needs. Creative activity has long been recognised as beneficial to those experiencing mental health issues, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The opportunity to interact with like minded individuals in a safe and calm environment like Art Matters, can also help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness." The studio space was full of inspiration, and showed examples of painting, wood carving, sand pictures, and book folding amongst others. The girls even got their own folded brochure...

The second studio was in an artists home; Jon Spencer is based in Leatherhead and paints fantastic landscapes in oil paints, thickly applied with a pallette knife. Some of them were just stunning and we would love to buy one. In our little cottage they just wouldn't work though, so maybe the next house....

My final visit was the Ranmore Common near Dorking to visit another jeweller - Victoria Phillips. How green was I when I saw her fantastic self contained studio in her garden, overlooking a beautiful valley.....and her work was pretty darned lovely too!
I found all 3 studios completely inspiring. As some of you know by now I'm fascinated by where and how other people work, and seeing all these amazing creative spaces was a great experience. The kids loved it too, and unprompted ran in and got their paint set out as soon as we got in the door. I'd really recommend it if there are Open Studios near you!

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  1. I have gone round open studios a couple of times, it was so inspiring.


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