Tuesday 22 June 2010

Been buying again

So, after having the picture of that gorgeous dress on the blog for a while, I could resist no longer and eventually gave in to the persistant "ooooh mummy I like that dress" hints from my littlest. I guess I should be pleased they were hints as opposed to outright demands - she's learning how to work me.

Well it arrived this morning from Birgitta designs, and it's a HUGE success. She even kept her hair up for the whole day in the matching hair bobbles which Birgitta thoughtfully sent along with it. If you have a little girl, I'd definitely recommend one of these dresses. Perfect for summer days as they're so cool, light and airy. Just perfect..... so a massive thank you to Birgitta we love it.
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  1. A shame my little girl is 14 years old! Birgitta's clothes are lovely.

  2. She looks lovely in it & very pleased with hereself! Birgitta chooses such lovely fabrics and that's a really pretty style. x

  3. Oh that is lovely and so is the little girl in it.

  4. So glad she likes it, she does look adorable and is the first to have that style, and 1st time I've seen a little person in it, so I'm hugely chuffed too :o)xxxb

  5. Aww. Looks fab. Woe is me for we have no little girls and are not likely to either. (I am not in agreement with hubby, maybe next time. . . there is no next time!!!)
    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  6. Fab! She looks gorgeous! Great fabric! Shame don't do it for big girls too! xx


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