Friday 20 February 2015

The year so far (aka cripes, February already!!)

Where's the year going? 

January whipped by, and it looks like February is shaping up the same way; days going by in a blur.

As you know, life gets pretty busy around here in the run up to Christmas. I start planning for it in September, and people often begin their Christmas shopping in October, ( I know, I know) so the orders start picking up; it then gets properly crazy half way through November. So during these months I tend to put any new designs and experiments with new techniques on hold.

That was definitely the case this time around so there were a few things I added to my "new year  - new ideas " list. Its exciting to start the year with a big list of new things to try.

Number one on that list was gold!

Gold is probably the thing I get most requests to stock: and your wish is my command. I can now supply most of my stacking rings in both 9k and rolled gold. and will be adding new gold designs throughout the year.

Rolled gold is sometimes called gold-filled. And is basically a far better quality alternative to gold plated metal. Perfect when you want the look of gold  ( which will last) but not the expense!

The response to these goodies so far has been amazing (especially from the lovely folk on my facebook page). They aren't listed in my shop yet though so if there's something you particularly fancy please get in touch.

The other thing i'm currently working on is giving you a wider range of facetted stones to choose from; especially in my birthstone ranges. A lot of my existing range are set with cabochons, which I love working with, but for some gems facetted stones can offer a sparklier and more intense colour. 

Don't worry though, the cabochons aren't going anywhere; those beauties (especially the rose cuts) will always be a firm fave.

Most of my new designs make their first appearance on my facebook page as work in progress shots, so if you're interested in seeing how my jewellery is made do pop along
and don't forget to say hi!

Also, for those not already in the know I have a newsletter which I send out monthly. Every single person who subscribes gets entered into a free prize draw each and every month. The prize being an item from my shop or a voucher to spend ( it varies from
month to month).

If you'd like to be part of the fun, just sign up to the newsletter. I don't sell your contact info, or pester you with spam every other day...the deal is that i get to show you my new stuff and share any shop news with you once a month (and remind you that I am here if you need any new jewels!) and you get the chance to win some freebies, get 
10% off your purchases and get the occasional extra special offer! Not bad eh? 

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