Sunday 2 February 2014

January round up....

January  - it's usually so grey, and dark. And with Christmas (and most of my money) gone, it usually makes for a pretty low key month.

This time around though I planned ahead. First of all we bought the girls a trip to Harry Potter Studios for their Christmas present. They've got so much "stuff" so I thought an experience would work well as a gift for them. We loved it - have you been yet? It's just amazing to see all the detail on the sets. How much work and expertise goes into the making of the sets and props. Just stunning.

Diagon Alley

Minerva McGonagall's Office

4 Privet Drive

I also planned a night away with some buddies, way back in November (so it was all paid for and sorted before Christmas shopping had really begun). We just popped up to London and stayed in Camden, and went to the Roundhouse to see the Fuerzabruta show. It's the one that hit the news the very next week when this bit of the set fell onto the audience.


 Still on the night I went it was fab. That followed by dancing to until 2am (a time I had forgotten existed) was a definite cure to the January blues. 

As ever, every day starts with a dog walk. Rain or shine... and there's been one hell of a lot of the wet stuff round here,  it's always good to get out and about.

And then we get to the jewels... new for January was this amazonite pendant, this rolling ring (based on the russian wedding ring design but with 5 bands rather than three). Plus some more amethyst and garnet goodies - the perfect gemstones to cut through the winter gloom.

Amazonite pendant

Rolling ring

A++ Garnet earrings
Amethyst - February birthstone

February is usually my least favourite month, it always feels like the gloomiest weather wise (even more gloomy than January), but I'm expecting good things from this month. Snowdrops and cyclamen are popping up, the birds are making a racket, and the evenings are already that little bit lighter. Bring it on!

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