Tuesday 10 September 2013

Autumn Wishlist

Some handmade goodies that have turned my head this week...

Bracelet top from Outofline on Etsy
I got a top from this shop a few months ago and love it! And would love a long sleeve style from there.

Okay I'll 'fess up. Actually, this is already mine. I bought this nearly 3 years ago, and still get excited about getting it out every autumn. So. Ridiculously. Cosy. I got it from the lovely Knit Frekkles on etsy.

I could seriously do with some boot toppers too for this winter. Brrr. Last years nightmare weather with dog walking everyday has taught me to be prepared and wrap up. These are from Lumistyle.

And the thing about Autumn is that it makes me want to drink tea by the gallon. These stoneware beakers from Little Wren Pottery are perfect for me, because when it's chilly outside, who on earth uses the handle on their mug. 

I also spotted my perfect autumn boots on pinterest...(these aren't handmade but hey)

*sigh* but a) they're from the states, and b) they don't seem to have them in stock any more. If anyone knows of any that are similar in the UK please let me know!

Would love to know your autumn finds....


  1. What a lovely collection! Thanks so much for including my boot cuffs :)

  2. Thank you - I love Little Wren Pottery too!


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