Tuesday 12 March 2013

Measuring for a ring.

As I'm making a lot more rings these days (and absolutely, completely and utterly loving making them!!). I thought it would be useful to write up how to measure your ring size.

The most reliable method is to use one of those finger sizers. You know the ones I mean, the set of plastic rings that you try on until you get the perfect fit. You can either buy a cheap finger sizer  or go to a jewellery shop and get them to size your finger for you. Or you could measure an existing ring that fits perfectly on a ring gauge.

If it's not possible to do the above, an easy (but less accurate) alternative is to measure your finger at home as follows...

Step 1 cut out a piece of paper around 10cm long and 1cm wide.
Step 2 wrap around your finger until a comfortable fit - not too tight, but not too loose.
Step 3 make a pen mark where the paper ring forms a complete circle.
Step 4 measure from the end of the paper to the line and let me know the exact measurements in mm or refer to the table below

Ring Size (UK)Measurement (mm)Ring Size (UK)Measurement (mm)

I will then make your custom ring to fit your finger exactly!

The do it yourself method is less accurate, but do remember - if you're anything like me, your ring size could also vary according to the weather, the time of month, any medication you're on, etc.... so just take this into account when you're measuring.

I also found these tips for those who are buying a ring as a gift and need to try and figure out the right size secretly... http://groomsadvice.com/2010/02/08/how-to-secretely-find-her-engagement-ring-size/

And as ever, I'm open to custom ring designs - let me know your stone and band preference and I'll make something perfect for you!

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