Saturday 23 June 2012

Teeniest geometric stud earrings

I made these teeny stud earrings this week.

My teeny tiny 5mm hearts studs have always been popular, and this custom request was from someone with 3 piercings who wanted three x 3mm studs - hearts, squares, and circles. Aren't they cute?

I've popped the 3mm circles and squares onto my shop, but do remember that I love to do custom requests, so if there's anything you really really want, but just can't find - do get in touch and I'll see what I can rustle up.

I'm usually happy to make the item and send pictures to you first, before you decide whether to buy or not - I figure if you decide the jewellery isn't quite as you imagined I can always sell it in one of my shops instead.

PS - anyone know what the flowers in the picture? They're from my garden and I have no clue what it is!


  1. Gorgeous earrings Becky - flower looks like and escalonia...are the leaves/stem a little bit tacky? If so it is - sometimes used as a hedging plant. It's a bi hard to see from the pic though x

  2. Dp you know, I think you're right. The leaves don't feel tacky to me, but looking at the pictures in my flower book I'm convinced. Thank you so much - it is taking me HOURS to figure out all the stuff we have in the garden.

  3. Lovely little earrings the care and attention to make jewellery so small is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.


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