Monday 23 April 2012

My new studio.....finally

When we moved in to our new home last year, our forever home, we knew we had a little work to do. It's a great house, but I quite fancied a little space of my own to put all my stuff in. There was a big garage, which I soon took over - but it was chilly, damp and a bit dingy. So, we looked into converting it. A couple of days in,to the work and this is the corner of the garage that was to be mine... yep, the one with the digger and wheelbarrow in.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we have and windows!! Hurrah!

And as of a few weeks ago, we're all moved in....

I have pictures on the wall.....

 I have a desk, (thanks Anne!)
 or two....
or ahem three.
I can put my stuff out, and leave it there.

I'm still organising and finding places for things,  as you can see, but it's getting there, and I LOVE it.

So there you workroom tour finally!

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