Monday 23 January 2012

Dala Horse giveaway!

I had to tell you about this fantastic giveaway on the  Dala Horse blog

And here's what you can win.... how beautiful is that!?!

Sue is a fantastic jewellery designer and maker, and this piece really shows just how skilled she is.

More info on the giveaway from her blog

"The giveaway runs Jan 23rd thru Jan 30th. The winner will be announced Jan 31st. The obsidian in this pendant gives off a black or soft blue hue depending on how it catches the light. I included a playful little rabbit on this named "Moonshine" who doubles as a rabbit totem. The Beadwork on the chain picks up the tones in the obsidan.....this is very unique....the first of its kind for me design wise."

Go and take a peek....

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