Tuesday 8 November 2011

Bonfire Night 2011

One of the best bits about living in a little village is the way the community get together to celebrate events throughout the year. In our village we have a FANTASTIC summer party, but the other key event is always Bonfire night.

The pole goes up on the green at the end of September - and for the next 6 weeks hedge trimmings and branches are put out and collected by the bonfire boys and girls. Take a peek at the video below....

And then the big night arrives. A procession with torches around the village, with a band, and the Guy out front. The cold dark night filled with excitement, and smoke. My littlies weren't that keen on going down this year for the big event - it's after bedtime after all, and this year both were just a little nervous about the fire (Littlest was also a bit worried about Guy Fawkes! - he was a pretty scary one to be fair, and over 7 foot tall!)

So a snap decision was made after we watched the torchlight procession, that maybe we'd stay home. We had family over, so had lots of fun playing games until the firework display started... then we ran into the front garden, and wow what a display.

What a show, and what a view from our garden. Brilliant.

It seems really strange that bonfire night is just a British affair. I guess no-one else would be that interested in celebrating Guy Fawkes failure to blow up parliament, but I always assume that this sort of festival would happen everywhere at this time of year, just with a different name, to bring a little light in the darkness, and to get rid of all those hedge and tree cuttings!

Hope you all had a great weekend whatever you were up to!

Becky x

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  1. How wonderful, and how nice to have such a close community, you are lucky


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