Thursday 22 September 2011

A(nother) new beginning....

Every autumn I have a real sense of a new start. A fresh beginning. Probably more so in autumn than in spring to be honest.

Years of the back to school buzz have seeped into my subconscious, meaning that as soon as the leaves start to change and twirl to the ground, and once I have my pockets filled with conkers (by others you understand, not me) as we pass the horse chestnut tree on the way to school, I get a  sudden spurt of excitment and enthusiasm for the new things ahead.

This September has been extra exciting in our household...

... littlest has joined her sister at school! Eeeeeek!!! (sniff)

She's still there just for mornings, until tomorrow when she starts full days.

So far, she's loving it. I'm sure the adrenalin will wear off at some point and she'll be exhausted and grumpy but for now she is having the time of her life.

So, what am I going to do, home alone? I will dry my eyes and ha, yes you guessed it - I'm going to make jewellery. I'm still going to be childminding a couple of days a week, and we have just got planning permission for an extension to the house which'll eat up my time - but I'm so, so, so excited about having a bit of time to really get to grips with my jewellery business.

I've found in the past I've had lots of ideas, but at least two thirds never came to fruition due to a severe lack of hours in the day. That's all about to change!

We've also been getting some decorating done over the last few weeks, and jewellery making has been relegated from the spare room, to the garage (beats sleeping in the garage I suppose!). So that's all change too.  Yes, I can see it'll get a bit chilly in there as the weeks roll on, but at least I can hammer away to my hearts content without bothering anyone. And hopefully no one will complain when it's time to liver of sulphur the silver!!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their autumn. Whats new with you??


  1. ooo, all excitin' stuff chicken...can't wait to see the updates ;o)

    doing a spot of decorating here to....eldest's bedroom hasn't been touched in years and now he's bringing girls's about time {decorating not the girls!}


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. eeek another phase to look forward to... bringing girls home eh? Good luck with the decorating.


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