Friday 24 June 2011

Dragonfly - handmade necklace commissions.

My sister in law, Sherri, is great at making hand made cards. She recently made a lovely dragonfly birthday card for a friend and asked me if I could make a necklace on a dragonfly theme....

Dragonfly 2
stunning dragonfly picture by QbiT on Flickr
Aren't they amazing creatures? I love that deep blue shimmer.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to make a dragonfly myself, but I saw quite a few nice dragonfly bits and bobs around, so I made a few for her to choose from.

First up, an asymetric necklace on a double sterling chain with shimmery blue pearls...

Number 2..... a slightly larger silvery dragonfly charm with a rosary style necklace..

and last but not least.... a sterling silver dragonfly, set with a 3mm facetted mystic topaz, on a snake chain.

I love to make commissions like this where I can provide a few different options. It means I stock up my shop, and give the customer some choice - win:win.

Sooooo, which do you think she chose? Which would you go for? Let's see if anyone guesses right!


  1. oooo, all fabulous, but my fav is the middle one :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I think the last one. That charm is so pretty.

  3. They're all lovely! I adore dragonflies, and as I love sterling silver I'd definitely go for the last one! Which one did she choose? I'd go for the sterling silver one :) Erika


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