Friday 6 May 2011

Simple (but stunning) earrings

I'm just about to list a few simple, but stunning sterling silver and crystal briolette earrings. These are the earrings I wear on the school run, or on a night out. Not at all fussy, but gorgeous in their simplicity.

I've also put together a little tutorial to make these as well, a perfect introduction to jewellery making - I'll post that on here, or my supplies blog soon!


  1. Simplicity is often the best option isn't it! It is so easy for us to forget this. Beautiful earings!

  2. Thank you - glad you like them. So true Annie, I often add extra fancy "bits" to my jewellery, just because it's fun to do, but then strip it all back again, I definitely think less is more most of the time!

  3. It is stylish and fashionable in look.
    Hope to see more stylish and fashionable jewelry of your collection.

  4. Great earrings, simple but gorgeous, and the smokey grey will go with anything! :) Genius!


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