Monday 7 February 2011

My workspace

We have a new house! I'm so ridiculously excited about moving in, but we still have a couple of weeks before we do. So we've been over to do a bit of painting, and remove the internal glass doors that would be just a leeeeetle too dangerous to have around with the kids haring around. Busy busy busy. I'll put some pics up next week.

I've figured out where my new jewellery corner will be, there's space for a little table upstairs right by the window. Perfect!

It's a good job, because as you can see from the piccie above, my little workspace in our temporary home is getting just a little cluttered. What a complete mess!!!

It will also be a very good opportunity to get some new storage for my bits and pieces.

Something like this would do me...
which I came across on pinterest via browndresswithwhitespots

or maybe this

which I found on Jordan Ferney's blog.

Do you have any storage ideas to share with me?


  1. Wow that huge old chest with all the drawers is pretty special! Good luck with the move into your new home :)

  2. I know I have a thing about lots of little drawers! It's gorgeous isn't it!

    Sue - great idea with the laughing cow tubs! I currently have lots of old carte d'or ice cream tubs. I think i need to decorate them or something to make them more inspiring (or at least take the ingredients label off!)

  3. I had a big box full of beads and I would always have to empty the box to find what I was looking for so for xmas to go with my screws nuts and bolts box, 4 trays, compartmented with removable sections that I picked up in focus once, (thats in addition to the box), hubby bought me a gorgeous carry case with lots of trays in, I can't think of the name but it was from crystal phoenix i filled all the trays, i then may have accidently gone online and refilled the box. . . ooppps.
    It's a great storage bag though pockets for tools so you can take it away with you on holiday etc!


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