Tuesday 9 February 2010

Heart swap

I've been taking part in the handmade heart swap - brilliantly organised by Noodlebubble (thanks!!).

Well I tried a few bits and bobs, but just couldn't get anything to work properly, so in the end I went with a sterling silver heart. My first go with my saw and a sheet of silver.

I cut out a little heart, and after days of filing and polishing (crikey that takes longer than I thought - must be doing something wrong?!?) I attached a little freshwater pearl, and hung it from a silver chain. And lo...

I had to rush to post it, so sorry for the poor quality picture. Luckily, Sam aka Incy Wincy Stitches takes better pics than me....(click on the pic to see her blog post about the swap).


 And what did I get? 

Well, Jackie from Jacksknits sent me a lovely package in the post, which arrived today....

 Look at this little fella - how cute is he?

I tried knitting when my girls were born, I really wanted to knit them a little outfit, a jacket, or at least some bootees, but I'm rubbish at knitting. I could never get the tension right.

So Jackie, thanks so much - he's a beauty and will brighten up my work space!

1 comment:

  1. really nice necklace! and super cute heart from Jacksnit! i loved doing the heart swop! and great blog too!


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