Thursday 22 October 2009

It has been a hectic week, I've had some big projects on at work which meant I had to bring work home for evenings and my days off (that precious 45 mins when little Eve had quiet time), which is all a bit gutting as I'd much rather have been doing something with the new beads I bought at the Big Bead Show in Esher on Saturday.

There was some lovely stuff, and some unlovely stuff. And incidentally not that many big beads, they all seemed normal sized to me. Hey ho, anyway I bought these beauties from Josephine Wadman....

...who does amazing lampwork designs.

I'm not sure the picture does them justice, but they are the most beautiful brightest blue I've ever seen. I bought them with my friend Rache in mind, who told me I needed "to do more stuff in blue". But to be honest I'm a bit scared to use them. I know need to do something really special with them, but just no idea what. Plus they weren't cheap dammit so it needs to be right.

Hmmmmmm..... any inspiration out there?

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