Thursday 27 August 2009

My shiny new blog!

Aah thank you v much for actually coming along and reading my shiny new blog. If you are reading this no doubt you are someone I know I have hassled to pop by. I know there's not much to see here (yet?) but it would be much to weird to write in the knowledge that no-one in the world would be reading.

Ours is the big one middle right.... .

Coming back from our lovely holiday in a little seaside town in (not very) sunny France last week, I decided to get started on a little plan I'd been mulling over for a while - selling my home made jewellery. This blog will therefore follow Red Bird Jewellery from inception to global domination (in erm... a handmade jewellery kind of way).

So this blog will include pics of what I'm making, special discounts, and some waffle. Enjoy!

I've been working VERY hard all week to get the shop up and running and whilst it's not quite ready yet it is coming soon to computer screen near you at So keep 'em pealed and you could be around for the grand opening! (wahoo!)

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